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Meet Lawson. Lawson is named after a very special baby boy who has gone to be an Angel in the sky. I hope our Lawson, brings some joy to his incredibly strong mother who follows GOA. .. Lawson was born with a birth defect that you cannot see in this picture. From the knee down, on both back legs, the bones are not attached. The bottom portion of both back legs just dangle. We will most likely have to amputate and get him prosthetics. Lawson's current owners are taking great care of him and despite the advice from others, and vets who told them to euthanize, they wanted to save him and reached out to me. They never had baby goats before and turned to their vet for expert advice. I cannot believe that a vet would pressure someone to disbud a baby who cannot even walk. I am against disbudding. I believe it's cruel and unnecessary, but disbudding a baby with a severe disability? Lawson's owner vomited afterwards because she didn't realize how awful it would be. I told her that I would use this as a teaching experience so poor little Lawson's experience would not be in vain. I do not blame her one single bit. I blame the heartless veterinarian who thought a baby goat who cannot even walk needed to be disbudded. For those who don't know, disbudding is done by holding a hot iron to the head of a newborn baby. Sometimes this results in blindness, brain damage or deformity. Because boys have testosterone, they almost always grow painful scurs after a year old. I know this because I fell for this with my first 4 goats. These scurs get knocked off and I walk out to find all my goats covered in blood. I have one goat (Nero) who has grown a unicorn horn. Some goats have scurs that curl and grow right back into their heads. Horns are full of blood vessels and help regulate their heating and cooling systems in their bodies. Most male goats don't live long because they are sold for meat before they are a year old so scurs aren't an issue. I can't wait to meet this sweet baby this weekend! He will be arriving with the baby girl who lost all her feet in a fire. Please help us with medical expenses if you can. Just go to www.goatsofanarchy.com to make a tax-deductible donation!

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